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Tim Kelly Jiffy Mix

We've partnered with Kushner and Company for two major benefits-related projects.

Kushner assisted us in selecting a new benefits broker in 2009. As a small, family-owned business, we don't have the benefits knowledge or resources on staff to research the universe of potential benefits partners, or to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Kushner patiently took the time to get to know Chelsea Milling Company's business, history, culture, and people. The Kushner team was mindful of that as they did research/analysis, and as they provided alternatives.

Kushner & Company presents several alternatives to us when we ask for strategy. While Kushner leaves final decisions to us, they point out "pluses" and "minuses" not from just a cost standpoint, but also a cultural standpoint.

The Kushner team brings instant credibility to the work they do for us. Having worked with a variety of organizations, you know that Kushner has probably seen challenges similar to ours, and knows what works and doesn't work. They stay current on the latest legislation affecting benefits and HR, and advise accordingly.

Much like our flagship product "Jiffy Mixes" provides consumers with "Quality & Value", we believe the Kushner team offers us "Quality & Value" when it comes to HR consulting.

Bill Carle – Stonegate Designs

My work with Kushner & Company has been a very positive and has had a transformative influence on the performance of our organization. My Kushner & Company consultant has also been a very effective coach for me personally in realigning my strengths to add the highest value relative to my personal performance. As a result, I have been able to focus on my passion and interest working "in" the business while enhancing my effectiveness and focus for my equal passion working "on" the business.

Your coaching work with my executive team has clarified their key performance focus to the extent that I have confidence that they are fully accountable for their outcomes. This gives me the comfort to focus on the things that I both enjoy and add unique value to our overall company performance.

My experience with Kushner has truly been one of a partnership in exploring my personal strengths and those of the organization's to provide the consistency needed for daily operations while not losing the innovation and flexibility that we are known for in the design industry.

Winters Cooper – Keebler Company

Kushner's methods have helped us capture, analyze and utilize data. They have also provided recommendations and ideas that have proven to be very valuable to our daily operations.

Our employees are more involved and forthcoming than I've ever seen them in the 22 years that I have been in this business. They have offered hundreds of ideas - big and small - and many of them have made a significant difference in how we do things. They also seem to enjoy the process.

Initially this process was somewhat intimidating for both management and hourly employees alike. But within a very short time our understanding of the new concepts and terminology became second nature. I attribute our success to Kushner's great patience and ability to effectively communicate with all levels of our workforce.

We utilized the strategies provided by Kushner in preparation for one of our most recent AIB inspections and achieved the best score we have had in 10 years. Clearly the continuous improvement program works.

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