Are Traditional and Non-Traditional Benefits the Key to Recruiting and Retaining Low Wage Earners?

Starbucks already has a reputation in the food industry of providing greater-than-average benefits to its largely low wage employees. Their recent move to include tuition reimbursement for online classes to those same employees expands on that key Strategic HR component of total rewards.

Many low wage employees in food service and retail have traditionally not been offered many traditional or non-traditional benefits. Will industry leaders find that offering benefits to low wage employees both financially viable and a competitive advantage to attract and retain the best talent necessary to be successful? Will the evidence and competition force other businesses to do the same?

What’s your strategic initiative to recruit and retain the best employees in your industry?

Time, These Are the All the Awesome Benefits Starbucks Baristas Get - http://ti.me/1sYWGT6

Posted on July 15, 2014 by Ben Cohen, CEBS, Practice Leader, Health and Welfare Benefits


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