Better Solutions Provide Better Results

In a recent issue of HuffPost’s The Blog, Josh Bersin writes that “Simplicity is the Next Big Thing.” He describes how overly complex HR systems and designs are hindering employees’ work and life balance.

However, many of his examples appear to be straw men, easily dispensed. For example, Bersin asks, “Do we need a nine step performance management process? Of course not. Today’s modern solution involves only two or three steps.”

The issue with performance management today isn’t the number of steps in the process. Rather, it is a disconnect between agreed-upon outcomes and expectations between manager and employee, often only visited at year-end. Instead, a modern solution involves linking accountability with performance.

In the end, simplicity isn’t an answer. Better solutions, however complex, provide better results.

Huffington Post, Simplicity: The Next Big Thing - http://huff.to/1o8QtAO

Posted on July 02, 2014 by Gary B. Kushner, SPHR, CBP, President and CEO


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