What Organizations Need Now From Human Resources

 A recent article in Forbes points out the need for HR professionals to be business partners with the organization, not just on an island set adrift in the sea.

In HR, we’d like to think we’ve evolved since the days of “personnel” and that we’re more than just pencil-pushers and company compliance commandants. However, unless we truly can integrate our HR strategies with the organizational strategies, we’ll be doomed to floating on Redemption Island (reference to any remaining Survivor watchers).

It’s time to pony up, get involved and show return on investment by aligning our HR strategies to the organizational strategies. One example may be to prepare or update the succession plan for the entire organization, or to create or update the existing Training & Development plans for our “A” players.

When’s the last time you’ve taken a close look at the organization’s performance management system? Is it measuring the correct behaviors, goals, targets, metrics for your specific organization? Most importantly, it’s also time to make sure that we as HR executives understand the business drivers of the organization we’re a part of and understand how we affect the bottom line.

Posted on August 25, 2014 by JOEL KUSHNER, SPHR


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