When Employees Become Managers, Additional Training is Often Needed

An issue we hear often from clients is a frustration with former employees who are now managers and don’t necessarily have the skills needed to be successful – without additional training. Often times the best social worker or engineer or sales person is promoted to a management position without receiving the necessary formal or informal leadership and management training.

The skills lacking include both the “hard skills” of budget, paperwork, legal requirements, etc., but also the “soft” skills of motivating a team, articulating needs and wants, developing skills, etc. This Forbes article does a great job of making the case for the investment in the additional training to make your new managers successful in their new roles.

Forbes, 10 Reasons Why Companies Should Invest More in Managment Training - http://onforb.es/UaYkVC

Posted on July 15, 2014 by Ben Cohen, CEBS, Practice Leader, Health and Welfare Benefits


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