Plan Administration

Once your retirement plan is designed to meet the organization's and employees' needs--and to meet all of the IRS and DOL requirements-we have the most up-to-date tools and qualified staff to administer the plan on a timely and accurate basis.

Our services for retirement plan administration include:

  • Timely salary deferral deposit rules
  • Census data collection
  • Annual and interim nondiscrimination testing services
  • Cross-testing and analysis
  • Top heavy rules and minimum contributions
  • Prepare required Form 5500s and supporting schedules
  • Summary Annual Report I Annual participant notices
  • Eligibility and vesting tracking
  • Calculate employer contributions, allocations, and forfeitures
  • Distributions - terminations, in-service, hardship, and age 70-1/2 Required Minimum Distributions
  • Loan administration
  • QDRO review and assistance

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