Wouldn't it be great if all employees understood their role and how they could make a real difference? At their core, organizations control their resources as well as the processes and outcomes required to deploy them as effectively as possible. Once a mechanism is established to systematically link goals, accountability becomes a managed process of transparency relative to the outcomes and responsibilities required for each person to contribute to the success of their team and ultimately to their ability to satisfy the needs of their customers at all levels within and outside an organization.

Our role is to focus on defining individual and team goals and align them to the objectives of the department and function. Ultimately, this involves articulating the strategies and performance that will enable each team and team member to do their part in meeting the goals of the organization. Through the continued feedback mechanism of performance expectations to actual performance, the team member will either choose to increase his or her performance with the tools and structures we have helped employ, or will choose to work elsewhere (internally or externally) where the individual is better able to meet performance expectations.

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