At Kushner & Company we treat business advisors such as CPAs, attorneys, financial advisors, and brokers/agents as our partners, not just referral sources. We work closely with you to design the most appropriate plan for your client, and then enhance employee education, participation, and engagement by providing you with plan highlights and other materials relevant to the plan. We align our business to support your success.

Receive State of the Art Plan Design Support

Kushner & Company provides outstanding plan support to the plan sponsor, which allows the sponsor to customize their plan to meet the specific needs of both the company and its eligible employees.  By having access to the kind of services Kushner & Company offers, you may be able to sell more business and keep your existing clients very satisfied over time.

Get Compliance and Technical Expertise

Kushner & Company can help you sell more plans by providing potential clients with creative plan design options.  We can also help to ensure the highest level of compliance on issues like loans and distributions, nondiscrimination testing, and other compliance concerns. In addition, we can assist a sponsor in navigating through legislative changes and operational challenges by proactively making the plan sponsor aware of changes that may affect their plans and advising the plan sponsor about what it needs to do from an operational perspective.

Full Disclosure and Fees

In the era of full disclosure, Kushner & Company provides a clear and understandable fee structure.  In certain circumstances, Kushner & Company may receive compensation from platform vendors that we use dollar-for-dollar annually to offset plan sponsor fees.

Enhance Client Service and Satisfaction

A recent sponsor satisfaction survey conducted by the Gregory Group showed that clients who use TPAs gave very high client satisfaction scores to their TPA for accuracy of reports and statements and professionalism. By helping a plan sponsor minimize the time they spend on plan matters, Kushner & Company also helps you to provide a high level of customer service to your clients.  Where applicable, we can also provide consultation on a wide variety of issues, including mergers and acquisitions.  Keeping plan sponsors happy over time could mean higher retention for you and more time to prospect for new plan sales opportunities.

Save Valuable Time

Save time that you can use to focus on prospecting and what you do best by allowing us to take on time-intensive responsibilities like installation.  We can assist with duties such as collecting prior plan documents, completing historic data testing, and getting paperwork signed, all of which may help to ensure a quick and easy transition.

Expand Your Business

We can help you network for new business, provide referrals, and become an extension of your sales team.  We can also offer unique insight into the local retirement plan landscape for your client prospecting.