Kushner & Company Provides Valuable Programming For Your Meetings And Conferences

At Kushner & Company, our mission is to optimize organizational success through HR and benefit expertise.  We do this by offering high content, high energy programming on the most pressing human resource and business issues.  Sought by organizations such as the Society for Human Resource Management (national, state, and local), AT&T, FedEx,Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, and Bridgestone/Firestone, Kushner & Company speakers actively engage audiences with meaningful insights into the realities of dynamic global trends, strategic human resources challenges, an aging and changing workforce, and legislative mazes –the issues that often challenge business leaders and HR professionals.

The topics outlined here reflect the most-requested presentations; each of these programs can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your group.  The programs outlined may be offered in different formats:  keynote presentation (or seminar/workshop up to 2 hours), half day, or full day, as well as in virtual formats.

The Topics

Strategic Human Resources

Optimizing HR Strategy for Organizational Effectiveness

In most organizations today, optimizing the selection, deployment, and retention of human capital is the paramount differentiator of organizational success or failure. In this fast-paced and entertaining session, Kushner outlines what it takes for you to uncover your organization’s human capital needs, develop both proven and leading-edge strategies to optimize your workforce contributions, and the appropriate metrics to determine the effectiveness of your chosen approaches. For non-HR organizational leaders, the session concludes with the next steps to determining if the internal HR group is functioning at its peak strategic level. For HR leaders, the session concludes with specific steps of how to remain seen as a business leader.

Format:  Keynote, half day
Previously approved for HRCI and SHRM Credit (Strategic/Business)

The Changing Nature of Work: Five Global Trends Impacting Strategic HR

The world is changing.  Who (or what) does work for the organization, the type of work performed, and how and where that work is performed is undergoing nothing less than a seismic shift, and there is much more to come.  In this session, we outline global trends that will change the way you think about your HR strategies relating to talent acquisition, talent management, and engagement.  The organization that gets ahead of the curve of change will be the one that most successfully leverages its human capital to obtain competitive advantage.

Format:  Keynote, half day
Previously approved for HRCI and SHRM Credit (Strategic/Business)

Organizational Consulting Strategies for HR Professionals

Human Resources professionals know there has been a paradigm shift.  The best HR professionals are clearly impacting business results through strategic contribution.  But, how does this happen?  What is needed to build those skills?  What does it really take to have this type of impact?  How do HR professionals make the shift from being order takers toward business leaders with highly regarded expertise? This powerful seminar will allow HR professionals to develop the sought-after skill sets that will allow leaders to achieve their organizations’ strategic goals and objectives.

Format:  Keynote, half day
Previously approved for HRCI and SRM Credit (Strategic/Business)

Strategic Employee Benefits

Benefits Confidential:  10 Secrets to Cost Effective Benefits

This session reveals 10 insider’s secrets to providing more cost-effective benefit designs which meet the needs of both the organization and its employees.  Proven, applicable strategies and tactics will be discussed to help you uncover opportunities to improve health plan choices, prescription drug plan design, paid time off programs, qualified retirement plans, and more.

Format:  Keynote
Previously approved for HRCI and SHRM Credit (General)

Employee Benefits Operation and Compliance

ACA and ERISA Compliance: 11 Steps to Avoid (or Survive) a DOL Audit

After passage of the ACA, there are even more requirements that employers sponsoring health and other welfare plans need to ensure they are performing.  During this fast-moving session, one of SHRM’s most highly rated speakers, Gary Kushner, SPHR, CBP will walk through 11 items you’ll want to review to make sure you have all of the processes and documentation you’ll need if your employer is ever the subject to a DOL audit of your health and welfare plans.

Format: Keynote
Previously approved for HRCI and SHRM Credit (General)