HR Outsourcing

Large employers have large HR departments, with lots of specialists in each of the HR functions: recruiting; hiring; learning and development; compensation; benefits; performance management; employee relations and labor law, and others. Each supports the mission of the organization.

Smaller employers typically don’t have an HR generalist—let alone an HR specialist—until they’ve grown substantially. Usually, an organization will first begin considering hiring an HR generalist when they reach about 75 to 100 employees. And this person is often charged with the responsibility of overseeing HR operations, not strategy.

For small to mid-sized organizations, Kushner & Company has been providing HR assistance on an outsourced basis for decades. Whether on an ongoing part-time basis, a one-time HR project, or just being on-call for when an issue arises, we are available to provide our clients with answers to their most important competitive advantage: their people.

“We have found Kushner to be both proactive in alerting us to changes and to planning and implementing opportunities. I would highly recommend Kushner & Company to any organization large or small that was seeking HR and benefit expertise and first-class service.”

Karen A. Rotgin, Esq.
Rotgin Law Firm, Uniondale, NY

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