401(k) Plans

Since 1978 401(k) plans have provided employees a tax-favored mechanism to save for their own retirement, often in conjunction with employer matching or other contributions.

There are many types of 401(k) plan options, such as Safe Harbor 401(k), Roth 401(k), and Traditional 401(k). Determining which one or which combination for a specific employer with its own organizational goals and objectives is critical to achieving plan success and the ability to attract, retain, and engage employees. It’s also a nationwide specialty of Kushner & Company.

“We have found the team at Kushner & Company to be knowledgeable as well as amazingly responsive to our calls, always providing expert answers that meet our business and employee’s needs. Questions are answered expertly within moments whether we call or email them. I would recommend Kushner to any company.”

Chris Murphy, MD President
Doctors for Emergency Services, Newark, DE

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