HR Compliance

Keeping up with all of the laws and regulations governing employment is overwhelming. At the federal, state, and local levels, governments have been passing new and updated laws at an amazing pace. For any violation there is often not just fines and penalties (and for some, even criminal penalties), but an inordinate amount of time spent by the employer.

Knowing and complying with all of these can be a nightmare. Fortunately, Kushner & Company keeps up with these changes on behalf of its clients, and proactively notifies them not just of what the law and regulations require, but the best, most cost-efficient way in which to comply.

We review each client’s HR policies and procedures (both written and practices) and then make recommendations on gaps or changes needed. We want to try to avoid any missteps by the employer in this often-perilous area.

“Our 350 employees and our management have come to rely upon the exceptional services that Kushner & Company for the past 25+ years. I would heartily recommend Kushner & Company to any organization, large or small, that wants world-class service and friendly and expert advice.”

Leanna Fabean, Human Resources
Desert Orthopaedic Center, Las Vegas, NY

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