Fear and Loathing – The Dreaded Annual Employee Review

It’s time to reconsider the true value of conducting formal employee performance reviews on one particular day – once a year. As the months go by leading up to “the big day,” how meaningful is it to reference successes and challenges that are such old news they have lost their relevance?

Additionally, the common practice of synchronizing the performance review with evaluating potential compensation changes is usually a recipe to get the two get all tangled up – with the employee being more concerned about getting a raise than discussing what “scores” they got on the review.

Our webinar will explore how tracking employee performance can be transformed into a much more timely and relevant process – with feedback and open dialogue between managers and team members occurring almost daily.

Employee performance is directly tied to many elements of strategic Human Resources such as measuring levels of employee engagement or how well an individual “fits” within the organizational culture. Other important factors include building adequate training and development processes and how often and clearly desired outcomes are communicated.

The traditional annual performance review is ultimately an isolated event culminating with a crescendo of nerves, angst and anticipation between team leaders and their staff. There is usually too much fear and loathing around something that should be intentionally and transparently discussed on a regular basis.

Join us as we describe a transformative approach to tracking job performance by revisiting the concept of accountability and describing how empowering individuals with the tools and resources they need to succeed can result in performance being openly measured every day!